Yes, we do work with DIY’s and yes, you can. Mostly. And depending.

We’ve worked with a fair number of folks who have wanted to do their own work, either to save money or for the pride and accomplishment or to save money….

Our attitude is that we will do as much or as little as you want. There are caveats however, warranty, for instance. Our warranty policy is that we cover “materials we have provided and labor we have performed”. What that means is that if you want to buy something direct from the manufacturer because your cousin works for them, that’s OK. But if there is a problem with the equipment that you bought and you want us to handle it, it is service work (billable), not warranty work. We are flexible and will work with you and the manufacturer, but the primary responsibility is on you. For some types of equipment, it really isn’t an issue but for others it can be a big one.

Sometimes by trying to do it yourself, you will end up making it cost more, so part of what we do is make sure you know what you are getting into and what the implications are. Sometimes the money you save by doing your own work is offset by the labor we do in instructing you in how to do it right. Sometimes the money you spend now is better (see warranty scenario above) than spending more later.

Having said all that, there is a lot of installation labor that a reasonably competent homeowner can do themselves and get significant sweat equity from. And we’ve seen some projects where were it not for that, the project couldn’t be done at all. We’ve also worked with folks who didn’t need us to install anything but what they needed was advice and experienced counsel. We’ve done system designs for people who knew what they wanted to accomplish, but not how to do it or with what.

Anyway, if any of that describes you, give us a call (see contact page). We’d be happy to talk with you.